Heartfelt thanks to our Sponsors and Donors!

Thank you so much to our generous Sponsors and Donors. We couldn't have done it without you! We look forward seeing you at the theater!



Andy Amaro, Anonymous, Anonymous, In Memory of Louise R. Wells, Larry Carothers, Nick Carter, Richard Enos, Lucy Haab, Kevin Haley, San Jose Water Company, Julia Thomas



Lawrence-Michael Arias, Bob Batten, Ron Bottini, Lynn Brown, Heidi and Paul Cavagnolo, Julie Ciesla, Paul Clemmensen, Tabard Theater Company, Alan and Beverly Craig, Karen DeHart, Linda DeMarco, Disneyland, Norman Ebersold, Elaine S. Elkin, Laura Everett Family, Laura Foegal In Honor of Rebecca Riker, Ebe Frasse, Laurie Gularte, Lucy Haab, In Memory of Lupe Diaz and Katie Hassett, Bruce Hawley, Andrea Heaberlin, In Memory of Joannie and LaVerne Huff, Jerome and Rita Rae Jacobsen, Original Joe’s, San Jose, Edie and Doug Kerr, Leslye Lawler, Gretchen Leavitt, The Lerman Family, John Lindsay, Barbara Lymberis, Christine Marcoida, Susan McCarthy, Louise McHan, Martin and Mary McHan San Jose Chamber Orchestra,  W.E. Melson, JoAnn Moritz, San Jose Opera, Carol Parris, Councilman Raul Peralez with a grant from the City of San Jose, Jill M. Peter, Barbara Reynolds, Marilyn Pfefferlen, Robin Powers, Councilman Donald Rocha with a grant from the City of San Jose, Nicole Sarich, Roberta Savage, Didi Schreiber, Britt Sharon, Alfred and Ruth Sporer, Ruth E. Stein, Steve Stubbs, Beverly Varga, Lori Voerge, Christine Wait, Nina and Walter Weber, Judith Ann West, Winchester Symphony


San Jose Musical Theater Founding Members

Amanda Arias, Lawrence-Michael Arias, Andy Amaro, Atom, Angele Bagley, Bob Batten, Mary Ellen Beal; Brandon and Sonja Biggs; Ron Bottini; Lynn Brown, Pat Burke; Larry Carothers, Nick Carter, Heidi Cavagnolo, Julie Ciesla, Paul Clemmensen, Alan And Beverly Craig, Michael Cuddy; Karen DeHart, Linda DeMarco, Lupe Diaz; Bill Ereneta, Laura Foegal in honor of Rebecca Riker, Lucy Haab; Kevin Haley, Brian Haslanger; Katie Hassett, Bruce Hawley, Eugene Barry Hill, Rob Hodges; Elizabeth Holmes; Debi Hugill; Mike Hugill; Original Joe’s, Doug Kerr; Edie Kerr; Christine Marcoida, Louise McHan, Martin and Mary McHan; Barry and Rosie Mirkin, Jill Peter; Robin Powers, Barbara Reynolds, Reggie Reynolds; Shari Sarno; Roberta Savage; Dean Scott; Kristen Scott; Laura Stanford; Howard Stateman; Ruth E. and Dave Stein, Steve Stubbs; Julio Soto; Jim Terwilliger; Julia Thomas; Lee Toney; C. Michael Traw; Nicole Tung; Christine Wait, Toni Walker, Paula Warren;  Nina and Walter Weber, Judith Ann West, Kristen Ivers-Williams; Tina Tan-Zane